Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Once again...

why am I a Republican?

Actually, you know what? As of tomorrow, I don't think I am.

Conservative? Yes.

Registered Republican? Nope. Not when 50 GOP representatives -- nearly a quarter of the House GOP caucus -- votes to subsidize the sacrifice of millions of children on the altar of Scientific Progress.

Sure, the President will veto the bill (if he sticks to his word). But I'm not a Republican because of George W. Bush... I'm a Republican because I find that my political views are best reflected by that party.

But when it comes to the most innocent of human beings -- and when the issue of "a woman's right to choose" isn't even a factor -- 50 of my party's leaders vote to kill.

Adios, GOP. Some of your candidates might get my vote, but you'll have to earn back my allegiance.

Update: Jim Cork offers his thoughts on this; his poses this excellent -- and frightening -- question:
    The real question is, if 50 Republicans approve of federally funding research using human embryos, how many of our representatives would be likely to support a bill banning the practice altogether? One? Two, maybe?
Chris Smith for sure. Beyond that, I don't know.

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