Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More inanities

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is somewhat pro-life, supposedly. So like other "somewhat pro-lifers" (especially across the aisle), he supports federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, AKA killing the youngest of human beings in the name of science:
    Today, the president once again stood on the wrong side of science and the American people. We must put politics aside in the interest of giving new hope to those who suffer today. Embryonic stem cell research will provide scientists the tools to do groundbreaking and lifesaving research to find new cures and therapies.
He also claimed that President Bush was "wrong politically, morally and scientifically" for opposing taxpayer-funded ESCR.

Then there's this story, in which some marketing guy at a DC PR firm says he's going to start a campaign to oust any politician who opposes ESCR:
    We want to very strategically do whatever is necessary to remove from office those extremists who are frankly blocking stem-cell research. Anyone putting theoretical possible life ahead of actual life is someone who should not be in office.
This isn't really that complicated.

Last time I checked, we as Americans believe in the dignity of each and every human being.

An embryo is a human being. It's an actual life, not potential or theoretical. That's a scientific fact. It's biology. It's embryology. It's not an opinion. It's the way it is.

So... if we really believe in human dignity, then we should all abhor ESCR.

Really, it's pretty simple.

And to the marketing guy: most Americans are opposed to federal funding of ESCR, meaning that politicians who oppose federal funding are well within the mainstream, not the extreme.

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