Sunday, May 08, 2005

Andrew Sullivan has lost his mind

Jesuit priest Fr. Thomas Reese will be resigning his position as editor of America magazine as of June 1. There's talk that his resignation was requested by the Superior General from the Jesuits in response from pressure applied regarding the leftward slant of the magazine.

This has completely unhinged Andrew Sullivan, who claims that Pope Benedict fired Reese, referring to the Holy Father as a "petty, prissy tyrant". He goes on...

This is a signal that not even moderate, calm, balanced and respectful examination of Church doctrine or Church government will be allowed in future."

The measures Ratzinger used as prefect will actually be intensified as Pope, until all free thought is extinguished."

Message to Catholics: remove your minds. Message to Catholic thinkers: obey on everything - or we will fire you."

If I were a Jesuit, I would take the hostility of this clerical tyrant as a badge of honor."

Firing this moderate, quiet, modest man is really a call to arms for those of us who need to save our church from this disastrous choice for the papacy."

So, what are you going to do, Andrew? Exactly how do you plan to "save our church"? What "arms" are you going to take up? Are you planning to convoke Vatican III? Or appoint bishops more to your liking? As far as I can tell, the only thing that he could do that could even be called "harm" is convincing people to stop tithing to the Church, but even if he were able to do so on a large scale (which is isn't), there would be no real harm: Catholicism would remain Catholicism.

Mr. Sullivan keeps taking his marbles, going home, coming back, taking his marbles, going home, coming back... I wish he'd make up his mind. Either deal with it or leave, Mr. Sullivan. I'd prefer that you stay, but your ignorant ranting (yes, he is being very very ignorant in his diatribes) must stop.

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