Sunday, March 09, 2003


Both the Washington Post and NY Times have good stories on President Bush's certitude and resolve in this crisis with Iraq. They make clear what many of us have known for some time, and what the President reiterated in Thursday's press conference: he believes that Iraq constitutes a grave threat to our national security; as our president, it is his constitutional duty to address that threat, and he is bound, determined, and resolved to do just that, in spite of whatever opposition he may face. As one of New York's senior senator -- liberal Democrat Charles Schumer -- put it in the NYTimes story, "Whether you agree with him or not, one of Bush's strengths is that he goes with his instincts. And at a time like this, when the winds are swirling around in all different directions, a president is well served who has his own internal gyroscope."

Amen. Maybe Bush is wrong -- although I don't think he is -- but at least he isn't acting according to polling data.

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