Saturday, March 29, 2003

"A million Mogadishus"

This past Wednesday night, there was a "teach-in" anti-war protest at Columbia University. I first read about this protest in an article by a Columbia student, Matthew Continetti. Continetti quoted one professor, Nicholas De Genova, who said he desired that "a million Mogadishus" be visited on US soldiers fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom. In case you've forgotten, Mogadishu is the Somalian city wherein 18 US Rangers and Delta operators were killed in 1993. So this professor of higher education at one of the elite American universities is hoping for huge casualties among our soldiers. Un-be-lievable.

Fortunately, the press has gotten a hold of this. Do a Google news search for "Nicholas De Genova" and read all about it.

This guy has got to go. And that's this year's understatement. Fortunately, he's not tenured, so sufficient public pressure should be enough to get him tossed when his contract is up. Maybe he can find a position in North Korea, since Iraq won't be having him soon.

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