Saturday, March 01, 2003

Jim Kalb

Sometime ago I linked the blog Metanoia by prospective Catholic Jim Kalb.

Lately I've been looking closer at Jim's blog and other sites, and I think it's unfortunate that more people in this corner of the blogosphere haven't picked up on his work. He's got a couple of sites:

This one is his self-described catch-all site, which includes the blog Metanoia and some of his writings, among them a discussion of principled opposition to feminism , a discussion and resources on the culture wars, and an essay on science, rationality and the good, with resources.

Jim also has two political websites: On to Restoration! (the point of this site: restoring contact with tradition and the transcendent), and Human Rights: Critique and Reform, where Jim argues against the contemporary institutionalized form of human rights.

Finally, Jim also maintains a political blog, View from the Right.

Jim's blog on his journey to Catholicism is excellent, and based on what I've seen thus far, so is the content of his other sites and blogs.

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