Saturday, March 29, 2003

No worries

I've gotten tired this week of the worrying in the media about the state of the war. As the President and innumberable officials and pundits alike have noted, we're only 10 days into this, and what we've achieved so far is remarkable in military history. Things are probably a bit tougher that Rumseld and others predicted, but that doesn't mean we need to bring the quagmire-talk back again.

And as far as all the reinforcements are concerned... that was always the plan. Whether or not the "rolling-start" was a good idea (and I tend to think that the Powell doctrine of assembling all our forces first would have been better, but hindsight is 20/20), we always planned to bring the 4th Infantry Division in through Kuwait once Turkey was closed, and the other divisions were also in the pipeline. Maybe their deployments have been accelerated, but the plan was still to bring them.

If you're worried about how things are going, read the following articles. They'll get your spirits up:

Ralph Peters, Guts and Glory
Victor David Hanson, History or Hysteria?
Mac Owens, Keep Thinking "Main Thing"

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