Monday, April 25, 2005

Weird letter

This is the opening of a letter printed in a Malaysian newspaper:
    The late pope, John Paul II, was not in touch with today’s reality. His unwavering stand on traditionalist Catholic dogmas may render his 26-year papacy a complete failure with regards to the following rights issues:
    • Gender equality – specifically women’s ordination.
    • Priestly celibacy – the choice of priests to marry or for married laity to attain priesthood.
    • Single adults sexual rights – an adult’s choice to engage in sexual intimacy regardless of marital status.
    • Homosexuality – the right to be accepted regardless of sexual orientation.
    • Family planning – the use of contraceptives to maintain ‘economically manageable’ families.
    • Safe sex – the right to protect oneself and prevent the spread of HIV/Aids.

    John Paul’s uncompromising and sometimes discriminatory stands on the above issues have at worst alienated Catholics and at least have caused many Catholics to simply ignore his pronouncements as that of a man out of touch with today’s reality.

One only knows how this guy would have responded to Jesus in His time.

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