Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Letters from a young priest in Rome

Dr. Liz Mitchell and I graduated from Steubenville the same year and both went to Rome for our graduate work (sadly, she chose Santa Croce and not the Angelicum, but no one's perfect). Her big brother has made the news lately, at least in some parts of the blogosphere.

He, Fr. Peter Mitchell, is a priest from the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska who is now in Rome for his graduate work as well. During the days before and after John Paul II's death, he sent emails detailing the events and his experiences to friends and family in the US. One of them, in which he tells of the day of the procession of John Paul's body from the Apostolic Palace to St. Peter's, ended up being posted by talk-show host Hugh Hewitt on his blog.

Now, Godspy has posted all of Fr. Mitchell's letters. They are well worth a read.

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