Friday, April 22, 2005

B16 on The Catholic University

The following is from a 2002 press conference with Cardinal Ratzinger in Spain, answering the question, "What must a Catholic university do, bearer of the truth of Christ, to make the evangelizing mission of Christianity present?"
    It is important that at a Catholic University one not learn just what prepares one for a certain profession. A university is something more than a professional school, in which I learn physics, sociology, chemistry. A good professional formation is very important, but if it was only this, it would be no more than a roof over different professional schools.

    A university must have as foundation the construction of a valid interpretation of human existence. In the light of this principle we can see the place occupied by each one of the sciences, as well as our Christian faith, which must be present at a high intellectual level.

    For this reason, a Catholic school must give fundamental formation in the questions of faith and especially of an interdisciplinary dialogue between professors and students so that together they can understand the mission of a Catholic intellectual in our world.
Hopefully, as pope he can help more Catholic universities realize such a vision.

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