Wednesday, May 07, 2003

You know who started Islam?

No, it wasn't Muhammad, at least not ultimately. It was....

the Vatican! Yes, the Vatican!

You see, since the end of the third century, the Vatican has been pining for control of Jerusalem. In order to take over the Holy City, the pontiffs devised a nefarious plan to use Arab manpower to form an army to crush the Jews and conquer Jerusalem. Besides that, these armies were used to slaughter the real Christians who were living in small communities in Africa.

Don't believe me? Hey, I've got a reputable source... Jack Chick! You see, I just read Jack's special message from the May/June 2003 issue of "Battle Cry," in which our scholar explains the great influence of that "tiny little speck" that is Vatican City. In this message, he writes,
    One afternoon in my office, ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera told me how Jesuit General Augustine Bea, father confessor to Pope Pius XII, explained how the Vatican started Islam. Bea was briefing a group of Jesuits like Dr. Rivera, who were under Extreme Oath and Induction. It was such a fascinating story that we published it in the Crusaders Comic, "The Prophet".
So, being the inquisitive sort I am, I read "The Prophet," and was astounded by the history it details, a history hidden and unknown to most of humanity.

But now it has been laid bare! And the Whore of Babylon that is the Vatican is revealed for the satanic creation that it is! Read... if you dare!

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