Thursday, May 01, 2003

Some questions

Joel Engel asks some questions from the back of the class. They are all good, but there are three near the end that are excellent:
    With the Dixie Chicks posing nude on a magazine cover to atone for their intemperate remarks, don't we wish that Shania Twain had opened her mouth instead?
Okay, so maybe it's off-color, but it still got a chuckle out of me.
    Why is a plausible link between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda invisible to the same people who can quickly connect the dots between the president and a worldwide conspiracy of oil and defense interests?
Great question.
    Aren't critics of the speed with which Iraq's multilateral government is progressing forgetting that our own Constitutional Convention came years after the fighting ended; that it was preceded by weeks of jockeying over the seating of delegates; and that it took months of fractious debate before the long ratification process began? Don't they know that if George Washington hadn't rejected the kingship suggested to him years before, there wouldn't now be a First Amendment to misinterpret?
Yes, Joel, they are forgetting, because their memory doesn't go back beyond the sixties.

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