Saturday, October 28, 2006

Reply to scarshapedstar

scarshapedstar comments:
    Well, gang, it’s time for Chris to answer everyone’s favorite question.

    For whatever reason, you suddenly find yourself in a burning fertility clinic. One one side of the room is a crying toddler. On the other side is a petri dish with one hundred zygotes (or, as you call them, “human organisms”). You only have time to grab one of them and escape. Which do you choose, and why?

First of all, it's not me who calls zygotes (and embryos) "human organisms"... it's embryologists and the textbooks they write (and yes, I can get the citations if you'd like; just ask in the comments).

Again, we have here a hidden premise that ethical truth is found by examining emotional reactions. I refer the reader to the link to Prof. George's thoughts as found in the reply to Steve, above.

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