Saturday, October 28, 2006

Reply to Punchy

Punchy commented:

    A human fetus—much less a human embryo—is, in fact, not an organism

    Oh boy, here we go. By every biological definition, a embryo/zygote/fetus prior to the gestation period of 6 months (when it could theoretically live on it’s own) is a parasite. Yes, it robs the host of nutrients, it robs the host of oxygen, and it produces toxic waste withing the host. Most importantly, it cannot survive on it’s own—it’s wholly dependant on a host to live. By every biological aspect, it’s a parasite.

Punchy needs to reconsult his biology and parasitology. Biology and parasitology professor Thomas L. Johnson demonstrated some thirty years ago that the embryonic and fetal stages of human development are not parasitic.

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