Thursday, November 10, 2005

You know, he does have other things to do

The following comes from today's Washington Post:
    VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday reaffirmed creation as the driving force of the universe, describing the natural world as an "intelligent project" and rejecting scientific thought that regards the history of the universe as random and directionless.

    The pope's remarks on evolution came one day after the Kansas Board of Education voted 6 to 4 to adopt new standards that cast doubt on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, though it was unclear whether the two developments were related.

    In comments that echo arguments made by intelligent design advocates, the pope at his weekly audience described the world as a product of "creative reason, the reason that has created everything, that has created this intelligent project."

"though it was unclear whether the two developments were related"??? You have got to be kidding me... does the Washington Post really think that Pope Benedict has been carefully watching the developments regarding Kansas' Board of Education? Do they really think he has that kind of time?

Once again, evidence of a deep-seated assumption that America is at the center of the world's attention 24-7.


HT: Hugh Hewitt.

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