Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Back in September, the archbishop of Granada, Spain -- Javier Martinez -- invited about 25 theologians from the US and Europe -- both Protestant and Catholic -- to a theological convention he called "Meetings for a New Beginning". Archbishop Martinez gathered together in particular scholars from three different "schools" -- Catholic la nouvelle theologie, Anglican-Catholic Radical Orthodoxy, and the Protestant-Catholic "Duke School" of Stanley Hauerwas -- to talk about the Church in the present cultural and social moment.

Reformed theologian and "member" of the Radical Orthodoxy school, James KA Smith, was an attendee, and offered a series of three "dispatches from Spain" back in September (here, here, and here). Now, in the new issue of Traces, the monthly magazine of the Catholic movement Communion and Liberation, cielina and scholar Elisa Buzzi shares her own thoughts on the meetings, as well as some brief interviews with Archbishop Martinez and Stanley Hauerwas. You can see the table of contents of this issue here, and when the next issue comes out, you'll be able to read these articles online.

This sounds like it was a very interesting meeting; if anyone knows more about it, I'd love to hear from you.

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