Tuesday, October 19, 2004

New Ratzinger book

Ignatius Press recently published the english translation of Cardinal Ratzinger's latest book on Christianity and world religions. It goes by the title "Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions".

I received my copy last week, and soon discovered that this book was (another) compilation of (mostly) previously published essays Ratzinger had previously written. I was somewhat disappointed in that fact, but as I read the first essay (originally published in 1964, and the only essay published more than a decade ago), that disappointment was alleviated. Why? Because whether or not the medium is an essay, monograph, or book, the lucidity and insight which Joseph Ratzinger brings to bear is always apparent. This collection is no different. I'm only on the second essay now, but so far, more-than-good. On one of the hot topics in contemporary theology, Ratzinger brings his impressive theological acumen to bear, and the results are worthy of the reputation held by those familiar with his work.

If you're interested in what one of today's top Catholic theologians has to say about the relationship between Christianity and world religions, and how that relationship bears on the understanding of truth, faith, and tolerance, I highly recommend this book.

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