Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I hope we get more of this

Thanks to krempasky of Redstate (and those who responded to his request), I found and read President Bush's speech in Wilkes-Barre, PA today. Following up on Cheney's criticisms from last night's debate, Bush made a point I've been waiting to hear from him viz. Senator Kerry's position on Iraq and war in general, and repeated another point worth repeating (among a number of other worthy arguments).

What had I been waiting to hear? The following:
    These days he praises America's broad coalition in the Persian Gulf War. But in 1991, he criticized those coalition members as "shadow battlefield allies who barely carry a burden." Sounds familiar. At that time, he voted against the war. If that coalition didn't pass his global test, clearly, nothing will.
Exactly. One of Kerry's big complaints about Iraq was the lack of international support (that is, apparently, France and Germany). Yet when we had their support in '91, it didn't matter: Kerry still opposed the Gulf War.

The point I want repeated is implicit in the same paragraph: Kerry's disparaging remarks regarding our present allies in the Iraq War. Kerry continually disses nations that are supporting the war, and that's hardly the way to build up our image with the world (which again, Senator, extends beyond France & Germany).

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