Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fake. But accurate.

Some of you may have heard about the NYTimes article last week that acknowledged that the CBS memos were fakes, yet asserted that they were still accurate. In other words, the general point of the CBS story (that Bush was AWOL, a poor pilot, etc.) was still true, even though the memos CBS produced were forgeries.

A number of people have commented on the inanity of this position. Basically, without the memos, there is no proof that Bush was a poor TANG (Texas Air National Guard) officer, and hence the story collapses.

That doesn't deter some, though. For instance, liberal blogger Kos says,
    The [right-]wingnuts are crowing about the CBS memo issue, as though they've somehow proven something.

    They may have proven the memos were reconstructions or forgeries or whatever. But fact is, they haven't touched the underlying assertion -- that Bush was AWOL and didn't fulfill his duty to his nation, not when he was in Alabama, and not when he went to Massachussets for business school.

    When the wingnuts prove Bush fulfilled his duties, then I'll pay attention. As it stands, the overwhelming mountains of evidence against Bush's National Guard service may have gotten a few memos lighter.

When one becomes too much of an ideologue, they say stupid things. Really stupid things. Kos, what evidence do you have that Bush "was AWOL and didn't fulfill his duty to his nation," other than the forged documents?? Bush has released his military records, and they demonstrate that he fulfilled his military duty.

But if you're convinced that he is a lying, evil imbicile, that evidence is worthless.

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