Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Ben has been patiently waiting for my response to his reply to my response to his reply to my post (whew.) on same sex marriage from before Lent. I don't have time this morning to get into the full enagement that his argument deserves, but in the meantime, I'm offering links to some articles which I think support my position, one way or another.

First is Donald Sensing's article from OpinionJournal. Sensing doesn't actually oppose same sex marriage; his argument is that The Pill already set the stage for SSM by separating sex from childbirth. I agree.

CA Assemblyman Tim Leslie's article is much more to the point; his position and my position are very similar. Leslie also points to the connection between sex and "the begetting & rearing of children" as the ultimate reason for why marriage is recognized as a public institution, and isn't just a private religious affair.

Next we have an op-ed by three profs at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul which lays out a case similar to Leslie's against same sex marriage.

Finally, we have science fiction author Orson Scott Card's argument, summarized by Peter Sean Bradley as follows:
    (a) same sex marriage is no more "marriage" because 4 out of 7 members of the Massachusett's Supreme Court says it is than a cow would have 5 "legs" because they defined "legs" to include tails; (b) no homosexual has ever been denied the civil right to marry; and (c) we are at a point where "democracy" means allowing 4 out of 7 oligarchically selected individuals wearing black robes the power to unilaterally legislate sweeping social changes without the input of the people.
I hope to respond more specifically to Ben's counterarguments in the near future, but I offer these texts for now.

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