Sunday, August 31, 2003

Pizza Pizza!

When it comes to pizza, Sioux Falls is much like most other cities I've lived in: plenty of standard chain pizzarias and a few "hometown" places, but nothing to write home about. The best pizza I've had so far in the year I've been here is Tomacelli's a local joint.

We are getting a new place, though: Old Chicago Pasta & Pizza, a chain which I've visited once at a location in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, and which I was very pleased with. I'm looking forward to their new location in town.

The best pizza I've ever had, though -- and this includes three years' worth of study in Rome, remember -- is found 20 minutes from my hometown: Rafferty's Pizza in Brainerd, Minnesota. It's thin, but not too thing (thicker than "thin crust" at the big chains); a crispy, but not burnt crust; good sauce, but not too much; and the perfect amount of cheese. Seriously, it's the best I've ever had, and I make a visit almost everytime I get home.

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