Tuesday, August 19, 2003

New Report from C-FAM

C-FAM has a new report out detailing UNICEF's support and promotion of abortion and other "unsavory political ideas." Here's the blurb announcing it...
    Dear Colleague,

    We report today on a critical new report published by the International
    Organizations Research Group and C-FAM which details UNICEF support and
    promotion of abortion and other unsavory political ideas. The 90-page
    report, which was released last week at http://www.c-fam.org , uses
    primary sources, mostly from UNICEF itself and also from its partners. For
    an eye-opening gander at what UNICEF thinks is a good program, go to


    Though this UNICEF funded website is intended for children, you would be
    well advised not to share it with yours.

    C-FAM has called for an international effort to get UNICEF out of the
    pro-abortion and radical feminism business.

    Spread the word.

    Yours sincerely,

    Austin Ruse

    Action item: Go to http://www.c-fam.org to read the UNICEF report, then
    get it around to as many people you can.


    August 19, 2003
    Volume 1, Number 3

    New Report Details UNICEF Support for Abortion, Radical Politics

    A massive new study just released by the New York-based International
    Organizations Research Group (IORG) reports in great detail the gradual
    change of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) from a child
    survival agency to one that promotes aspects of radical feminism. The
    study charges that UNICEF also promotes abortion. UNICEF has already
    blasted the report saying it represents "a vendetta," even though IORG's
    parent organization, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, has
    been a vocal supporter of the agency for some time.

    Called "UNICEF: Women or Children First?", the report details how UNICEF
    has participated in the formulation of UN documents and internal working
    papers with other UN agencies that explicitly support and promote
    abortion. In 1997 the UN released a handbook for emergency workers in
    refugee situations that urges the use of abortion-causing "emergency
    contraception" and also the use of the a portable device called the manual
    vacuum aspirator that can be used for performing abortions in refugee

    UNICEF is also a financial supporter of a South African non-governmental
    organization, loveLife (sic) that actively promotes abortion to its mostly
    underage audience. The loveLife website directs its teenage audience to
    the abortion provider Marie Stopes International and goes on to say that
    no one, including parents, can stop a teenager from getting an abortion.
    LoveLife also encourages experimental sexual practices including

    The report asserts that UNICEF began to lose its principle focus on child
    survival many years ago in an attempt to gain support from the radical
    feminist community. In certain radical feminist circles UNICEF was
    considered the enemy because of its focus on children and on women as
    caregivers to children. Now the agency believes that children will never
    be truly free from disease and hunger until women receive their full range
    of rights as defined by the ethos of radical feminism.

    Trouble began publicly to brew for UNICEF when in 1996 the Vatican
    withdrew its largely symbolic annual contribution to UNICEF. It did so
    because Vatican officials came to believe that UNICEF was supporting
    abortion. UNICEF has attempted since that time to convince the Vatican to
    resume funding. Resumed funding from the Vatican would do much to still
    the growing controversy over the agencies new direction. The Vatican has
    made no plans to resume funding UNICEF and the IORG report will likely
    contribute to the freeze between the Vatican and UNICEF.

    C-FAM has called for an international campaign of citizens and political
    leaders to bring UNICEF back to its main mission, which is child survival.
    "UNICEF has been too important to lose to this radical ideology," said
    C-FAM Vice-President Douglas A. Sylva, who is also author of the new
    report. "UNICEF has a reputation to protect and lots of employees who want
    it to return to its original mission. We have heard from many of them."

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