Saturday, February 15, 2003

Bill on our attitude towards Bishops

Bill Cork continues to stress the importance of giving the bishops the respect and deference due, not because of who they are, but what they are: vicars of Christ for their churches (dioceses).

After quoting St. Francis of Assisi, he writes,
    So, to those who think they have been appointed to humiliate bishops, or to rage against them, or to cause the faithful to stumble ... would you rather seek to follow the way of Luther, or of Erasmus, or of Francis?

    Perhaps you might consider taking the time you spend in attacking vicars of Christ, and use it instead doing penance for them. Imagine what sort of penance you might impose on them if you were their confessor -- and then do it yourself, on their behalf.

    Ask yourself -- What is your relationship with your own bishop? Do you even know him? Go to him. Speak with him. Tell him your concerns. Ask him how you can best serve the Church, and him.
Sound advice.

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