Monday, April 23, 2007

Vincible Ignorance

Just when I was starting to think that Pope Benedict was reaching even those who couldn't care less about him, his Church, or his Lord, we have some blogger at some group blog to remind us that persuasion is ineffective against those who refuse to consider the possible.

Just as bad is his (the blogger's) reflexive tendency to see everything through a political lens, which seems to be pretty common among those who are obsessed with -- you guessed it -- politics. But when you attempt to reduce the Infinite and Transcendent from your life, you have to fill the void with something, and politics fits the bill for too many of these guys.



Alan Phipps said...

At first, I wasn't sure I was that concerned over what this fellow said. Then I checked his bio and saw that he is actually a professor of religion and philosophy... and he wrote THIS?!

DimBulb said...

The guy probably studied comparative religion which means he knows a little bit about many religions and not much about any single one-just enough to be persuasive and misleading to those less informed than himself.