Friday, October 24, 2008

Make sure...

You're reading American Catholic... I've posted more there in the last 10 days than I have in the last six months here!

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Mark said...

I have been a Christian all my life. The tradition i have been rasied in and that is as part of me as the bones and sinews that make up my physical being. My life has been a constinuous search for the answers to the many questions that the vital soul carries and ponders. I have found the love of God in the ever faithful acceptance of my imperfections and the ever abiding call to be more than I have been.

I am desparately concerned about humanity and of course by implication the redemption of our world. I believe in part the crisis that i feel so poignently is the result of realizing that so many of us have abandoned the nobility and wonder of our creation for the hedonistic and hubris of our age.

For this reason I have written a book entitled "The Will to Love". This was a task that i felt called to undertake and i offer it to you my brothers and sisters as a serious reflection about who we are and why we were created and what i believe is the necessary path to realigning our creation with our call and with our radical responsibility.

I use this forum to introduce my message for i have not found a better way than to reach out to those who like me are desperate for the completion of the mission of Christ and his call to each of us to carry on His message and fulfill what He began here on earth.

If what i have written is of interest to you, i point you to a site i created about this book and only ask you to consider sharing my journey. The URL is If you decide to read my thoughts, my reflections,I only hope and pray that you too may be startled and re-invigorated.