Thursday, May 26, 2005

Back to the books, Doctor.

K-Lo linked this post by pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon, where he writes,
    The discussion of stem cell research and President Bush's threatened veto of expanded research deserves a response from every responsible physician and scientist in America.

    The President and his advisors will cost countless children their health, their futures and their lives if they continue to oppose the use of embryonic stem cells to create cures for diabetes, childhood leukemia, and other diseases. Doctors who call this "false hope" are liars and demagogues. Spineless politicians who support the President's luddite point of view should be removed from office as soon as possible.

    Could they possibly be this mean, stupid and unresponsive to scientific imperatives and the desires of the preponderance of America's people?

Here's my comment in reply:
    I respectfully suggest that Dr. Gordon review his embryology texts from med school, which indicate that the embryo is an actual homo sapien, i.e. an actual (not potential or theoretical) human being.

    And in this country, we don't kill and dissect human beings for the sake of science, no matter now promising or noble in purpose.

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