Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Progressive Catholic Matt Zemek lauds Gavin Newsom as a modern-day prophet.

Mr. Newsom, you may recall, is the mayor of San Franciso, and you can guess what exactly it is that Matt is lauding the mayor for.

Meanwhile, today President Bush expressed his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Many people will see -- and do see -- this proposal as an injustice. Unfortunately, the reason for that is a lack of understanding as to the nature and purpose of marriage, which has been increasingly obscured by our culture for decades now.

If you're interested in what the nature and purpose of marriage is, I'd invite you to read the works of scholars like Robert P. George of Princeton. George uses reason alone to illustrate what marriage is. Go to your public library and do an interlibrary loan for one of his books (I'd recommend The Clash of Orthodoxies as a good place to start).

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