Monday, January 05, 2004

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, & Blessed Epiphany!

It's been a bit since I've posted, but I'm sure you can understand, considering the hectic nature of the Advent & Christmas seasons. I hope they've been good to you all thus far.

My first post for the new year is just to note something I found in an article at the site I mentioned in my last post, Godspy. The article is The Cultural Victory of Hugh Hefner, and it contains this interesting comment:
    Thanks largely to Hefner's pioneering spirit, men have won every battle in the modern war between the sexes. Where women are free and equal, they are free and equal to be men. Just go shopping at the Gap. Or pick up any women's magazine published in the last few decades. In it you will find an article, essay, or questionnaire demonstrating or demanding that women should have more sex than they are currently having. Is there an escape, a way out, a means by which a woman can choose not to have her social norms and sexual drives dictated to by porn culture? In America right now, three out of four converts to Islam are women. Call it a jihad of the hijab.
The strange, unintended-yet-real nature of modern radical feminism to masculinize women is something I was previously familiar with. What I did not realize is that 75% of American converts to Islam are women. Hmm... why do you suppose that is? Not that I'm advocating the Islamic approach to women -- I strongly believe that Catholic Christianity much more embraces and upholds the dignity of women. My point is that it's interesting that it's apparently women more than men who are attracted to a faith which is generally regarded as, well, not exactly woman-friendly.

What does that say about our culture?

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