Sunday, December 14, 2003

Give me a break

While perusing this comments thread at Howard Dean's website, I found a post (do a find for "degrift", part of the author's name) which states,
    The damage caused by the Bush administration to our society is unaffected by Saddam's capture:

    --Our environment continues to deteriorate.
    --We still need a health care system.
    --International relations remain damaged.
    --The rich continue to get richer at the expense of everyone else.
    --Unemployment remains way too high.
    --Wages for an honest day's work remain inadequate to own a home for too many Americans.
    --Our civil liberties remain under attack.
    --Our policies continue to provide incentive for terrorist recruitment.
    --K-12 education remains weak.
    --College education is still becoming less affordable.
    --Ownership of mass media continues to become concentrated.
    --We continue to undermine our children's future by wasting energy and natural resources.
    --There are still large numbers of people (like Alert, today's troll-du-jour) who don't understand the values upon which the country was founded.
    --Church and State are being merged.
    --Human rights for many Americans are still not respected.

    Capturing Saddam Hussein doesn't solve these problems although many Americans may forget this for a few days.

    Only this great campaign of hope led by Howard Dean will lead to resolving these real problems.
Come on. Apart from erroneous assertions, Mr. Van Degrift apparently believes that presidents possess the ability to solve all our nation's problems. I wonder, for instance, what exactly Howard Dean would do to solve the problem that "Wages for an honest day's work remain inadequate to own a home for too many Americans." Maybe we could enact a $40,000 per year minimum wage... I'd support that! Sign me up!

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