Monday, October 13, 2003

Emily on the job

Emily of After Abortion has a couple more extraordinary posts.

The first, from Sunday, details how some students and faculty from a Catholic college in Madison, WI recently held a ceremony for four trees -- yes, trees -- yet no students or staff have shown up at the Madison abortino clinic to pray the Rosary with the local Bishop.


The second post, from today, discusses a series of letters in Glamour magazine, which has long been an advocate of abortion rights. After discussing each letter, Emily writes,
    All in all, this selection of letters is telling and important. They didn't print one single letter from a woman saying that all she experienced was relief. (I wonder if they didn't get any such letters?)

    Considering that "what women experience after abortion is relief" is the primary theme of pro-abortion groups with respect to post-abortion emotions, and considering that Glamour is a long-time staunch advocate of choice and a very widely-read fashion magazine, this is a significant development. I'm very happy about it.
Me too, Emily.

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