Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Surfacing for a moment...

FYI, I haven't blogged in a week because writing the dissertation has (finally) begun. If anyone wants to know about how the U.S. Lutheran-Catholic dialogue is contributing to a solution the ecumenical dilemma over the simul justus et peccator email me at the link at the bottom left.

For the rest of you... I've got to blow a little steam off. I'm really ticked at the French and Germans. Don't get me wrong... I tend to like the people (hey, I've got relatives in both places), and they definitely have their pros. But their respective governments are acting without any sense that I can see.

What exactly do they think can come from their policy viz. Iraq? Are they trying to hide something? How else can one rationally explain their behavior of late? I'm completely befuddled and frustrated by Schröder and Chirac. And I'm not the only one. Go read today's Washington Post editorial. Or check out some of the more speculative thoughts linked at this post from Instapundit. Or this old column from George Will.

Their behavior is inexplicable. Fortunately, we aren't pinning our hopes on them. Rumsfeld rightly notes that there are a lot of other countries in Europe beside France and Germany, and those other nations are with us. That's U.S. us.

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