Friday, August 09, 2002

Woody on War

Foreign policy guru Woody Harrelson has courageously sounded off on the War on Terrorism, George Michael's brave opposition to it, and the London cab driver whose taxi he trashed.

Woody says that G. Micheal is "incredibly brave to have done that song. Especially when doing something like that could be considered very dangerous in today's world."

Ah yes, Woody... disagreement with world leaders surely is taboo in modern society. I'm sure that the FBI and CIA have already put together a portfolio on Mr. Michael, and are only waiting for the opportunity to dispatch him.

Woody goes on: "I can't believe he got so criticised in America for it. It's so unfair."

So, it's "fair" to criticize Bush and Blair, but when the critic himself gets criticized, that's unfair? Okay. Sure, Woody.

Woody then proceeds to praise the paper that's interviewing him: "The war against terrorism is terrorism. The whole thing is just bullsh*t. What you guys have done is very brave."

Once again, the argumentation Harrelson brings to bear is nothing short of brilliant.

I do have to thank the Mirror for reminding us of this little adventure, though: In June Woody was wrestled to the ground by policemen and arrested after he went berserk in the back of Les's taxi. The cabbie said the star acted like a "caged animal". Within minutes of Les picking the actor up from Chinawhite at 2am, Woody had trashed the cab. He then booted the door open and made a run for it. Les dropped the charges after Woody paid him £542.96 and the two men shook hands after the play. "He said, 'No hard feelings'," said Woody. "He seemed like a nice guy. It's just one of those terrible circumstances."

"Just one of those terrible circumstances"??? Woody, you trashed the guy's taxi!!! Jeesh.... he makes it sound like the whole thing was a minor, unavoidable fender-bender, when the fact is, he lost it!

Thanks for the display of intellectual acumen, Woody.

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